Welcome to my poorly-assembled profile. I try to write stuff that you shouldn't feel embarrassed to read (because something tells me you don't want your friends to know about your fictional fetish with rich CEOs). Here's some stuff about me!

Alias: I'll let you know when the cops stop sniffing around.

Location: Like a dumpster . . . somewhere . . . searching for old sofas to resell at yard sales. Good income, you know?

Age: Too old for what I'm worth.

Sex: Is how people die. No, really. Anyone who has had sex and died is now . . . dead.

Hobbies: Writing. Dancing. Pondering over life's big questions. Like why there is not an "amn't" and only an "aren't" because it's not right to say "are I not" it's "am I not" duhh.

Extent of my intelligence: I can pretend to be all smarty-pants with regard to fancy words (pinkies out, man) and telling people what they want to hear . . . but let's face it once socially inept always socially inept and once a redneck always inbred. Let's hear it for cheesecake!

OK so I didn't really tell you anything about me. And you know what that means? I'm a mystery. So by not telling you anything you can assume that I purposely exposed that trait of mine for your personal benefit of KNOWLEDGE. Either that or you can conclude that I'm completely nuts and I should never be allowed to access a dating website. Both theories are acceptable.

And now for a story!

once upon a time
in a world stuffed with cheap rhymes
there lived to be a great queen
she resembled a baked bean
that is all.
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I saw a video clip once where they both, like, voluntarily swung in opposite directions to dodge a bullet. If that counts. 

OK this is gettin' weird. End of anime boobie discussion.

ALSO. You should post review on Amagi Brilliant Park! Think the last episode is next week (?) but just a request in advance. Because it's just awesome like that.

Hahaha so she calls you a SEXIST creep?

I automatically see who the bully is here without having to know any little details.

This is why I don't have Facebook or most of that social media stuff. But to each their own. Hope she leaves you alone. To have your name trashed on the internet like that would just suck :/

Heh. I remember when I first saw this and I had never seen what you could call "balloon boobies" in anime before, so for like the entire time I was just transfixed on Himiko's boobs and couldn't understand HOW they defied gravity like they did. And then I saw other animes that made it seem like a normal thing (like the first episode of High School DxD).

Needless to say, I guess anime boobs are something you just learn to accept and stop questioning what kind of helium they're filled with.

It's too bad that there probably won't be a second season (or so I read). I thought Btooom was good. Just wish the manga updates were sooner.

It has to be the flannel shirt. He looks ridiculously, distractingly good in it.
Hey CeeCee, your username has the word baybee in it. My profile name has baybexx in it. Since my account is older, that so obviously proves that your username is based off of my name. You r a rip-off CeeCee!! Good grief!

Oh, and that reminds me of another time-y thing I saw recently. You’ve got to see Interstellar, if you haven’t already. I don’t even like science fiction and that movie was a cupcakin’, fat-saturated MASTERPIECE. Aw man the sugar content on that one. . . I even, err, almost cried (it wasn’t me I swear it) toward the end.

Uhh, I don’t really remember anymore lol. It’s been too long since I finished it.

Mostly to do with the lack of information on Deus and his role in the whole thing. Especially how he wasn’t really involved towards the end. He was still the time god when Yuno went back in time (yay for spoilers!) to start over (again), so couldn’t he have done something himself then? Instead of giving half his power to some unstable human, I guess I just assumed he would’ve been able to take care of it, since he still existed.

And speaking of existed, I’d then have to call into question how much he was really capable of. Unlike humans, what was he? Did he only “exist” in that three-dimensional time setting, or would he be more like a god and not be bound by time? If that were the case, then why would he have a set expiration date anyway? If he jumped around through time, could he have avoided death as it was, or would it not matter? Kinda weird to have a time god of all things run out of time. I guess I really don’t understand that one, especially since it talks about human-what’s-his-face Yuki being what was it like 10,000 years old and hadn’t aged a bit, but nooo Deus couldn’t find a way to live and just had to die to be in line with the plot (least, that’s the only reason I can come up with).

Maybe I’m just overthinking it. Maybe they DID explain his reason for death and I wasn’t paying attention. And maybe Deus really was aware of his successor Yuno going around and messing things up, but just liked drama and chaos and didn’t do anything because his existence was, uh, limited anyway. But I guess I understand how it’s hard to pull off one of those time-y things, especially when everyone is all moving around everywhere and time no longer flows like a river but looks like my dog’s hair when we once forgot about a grooming appointment. I still liked it anyway. Made me really appreciate how fictional characters stay fictional.

I think my favorite main character of this has to be Twelve, which makes it kinda sad that he didn't get the screen time he deserved. Cause he was wickedly mad. But at least I got to see him at the very end. :D Minene was also cool too, if you can overlook the fact that she's a total terrorist. . .

Maybe that was what made this anime good--the fact that pretty much each person had their character flaws that made you sort of understand why they're as messed up as they are. And then you have Yuno, who makes my mind go blank when even trying to comprehend half the stuff she does. To think that there can be people who exist today that are just like her.

But then there were these plot holes, which I guess is to be expected of a time-warping storyline anyway. 4/5 in my inexperienced book.

Those . . . grammatical errors. . . For once, even I'm confused.

But that lady must have known how to spell it because she had a badge on her shirt. Always Google before badges. Now THAT should be an acronym (AGBB).

Speaking of yaoi, why do you like it? Is it like some guilty pleasure, like how it is with me and, er, chocolate? Hm. Chocolate. . . Understandable.

That's mean. There's nothing wrong with how he looks. He just looks like a . . . man lol.

And I remember that second video. Or at least I saw a similar one where he actually "explained" it. The poor parent--Young Attractive Outgoing Intellectuals hahaha. Not sure why she didn't use the something called Google first. Kids these days aren't really known for their honesty anymore. . .