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Erm.. I'm mainly on quizilla and mibba but I'm thinking of posting my stories on here.. If you have quizilla or mibba then check them out I have the same username for all of my things!

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Little Miss Daddy's Girl And Emo English Jerk... A Arranged Marriage Story

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@ShopDivaKels97 It is changed it.. Thanks for noticing and letting me know! Tc
Hell yeah I'm the mother Fk...

@Natayah Oh I see sorry hun my bad! Erm if I haven't said it already in a chapter then it's going to be revealed soon!
So... My Life Now Begins......

@Natayah Her baby is a boy as it says up there ^ You also have the name (: Thanks for reading
So... My Life Now Begins......

@FatDucki It seemed easier.. It's something my sister did with my nephew because she wasn't married to his dad.. So that's mainly the reason why.....
So... My Life Now Begins......

Hahaha I'm glad you guys enjoyed it! Thank you @Lenae3013 (: Hopefully updates will get better.. This years already starting to pick up for me :D...
Do you love me now?! [Alex ...