Hi .-. 

Welcome to my page! Something about me, huh? Well... I ♡ jellyfish. No idea why. Maybe cause I'm a weirdo. Who knows? I have two besties on here plus a delinquent cousin they should know who they are. I have a really big passion for reading and writing. No words can explain how much I love it. Of course everybody would know because why else would I have an account. Get it together, Penelope! Oh I forgot to mention it. My names Penelope. Nice to meet you person reading this. I'm not very social or much of a people person so please bear with me. >~< I'm another person who is an otaku. I have A LOT of anime shirts. I'm specifically in love with Shingeki no Kyojin/ Attack on Titan. If you like it we're instantly friends. Ereri is otp! Aren't they just gorgeous together? Well that's all I can say about myself. People will eventually learn a little more once in awhile.
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