Just a normal fanboy of Troye Sivan. I love writing stories, I am aspiring to be either a teacher, a psychologist, or an author. And I hate sports. I don't know why, but I suck at sports. I also love DotA 2 and that's rare for someone who loves Troye. I have a liking for music, particularly Coldplay and Arcade Fire. I also like Lorde, The xx, Radiohead and lastly, Troye Sivan. 

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What else is there to say? Follow if you have the will to do so, and read my stories if you find you have the time to do so. I'll love you forever if you do read my stories, and I'll love you even more if you tell me where I could improve.

Love y'all and have a good day!

I am currently writing something that's a million times better than what I have done before. I have a lot more for inspiration, mostly Troyler fanfics that are masterpieces of literature. No more of that cheesy video-gamey action scenes and the uninspired and confusing plot and the puzzling build-ups. It's a reboot of my old story. It's not a Troyler fanfic, or anything, it's my own thing.
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Description: This story depicts the life of Stephanie Harrison, possibly last of her family line, on her journey for survival alongside her trusted friend, Monica. The duo continue their race for survival, until they meet something bigger than what they are supp...

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Why are people saying this is the last chapter? Did I miss something? Anyways, when I read a book, the images dictated are visualized into my mind and I won't see anything else other than the vivid pictures that my brain synthesizes. While I was reading this chapter, I can't help but imagine it in slow motion, the same way as the Dead Island deceptive trailer (it's a video game, normal gamer stuff). It was as if Troye was walking slowly towards the door. When he grabs the knob there was a sudden ambient noise, sort of like the ones I hear in Coldplay (excuse my fangirling) album Ghost Stories. It was celestial and inexplicable and I just wonder how Nothing But Trouble would look like in film. You know, Zoe dressed up in a leather catsuit and Troye with a 17-year old makeup to remove his big eyebags resulting from too much Internet. I'd just love to see it happen. Sorry for the unnecessarily long comment of your chapter. I just needed to get that out. Loved this chapter by the way.


@bringcolourtomyskies I was actually having a moral dilemma about commenting, but I remembered the wise words of Miss Ida and reminded myself to constructively criticize, not throw shade. I'm glad you are so accepting to the faults and the good points of your work. It's just what I saw, not what others did, so plainly put it was just my honest opinion. I made use of the purpose of the commenting section.