_______________YOU MAY CALL ME A DREAMER_______________
                                                                    ✝ ☯
Hola bellas, I'm Tash! 

stuff about me...
-aussie and proud!
-tan so easily its not even funny
-hard core music lover/musician! ♪ ♫ ♩ 
-dirtiest mind out
-mini coffee addict ♥
-love beaches, summer, the ocean, swimming...I'm your cliche aussie girl ;) haha
-All Time Low fanatic ♥
-friendly as!

-Ride a motorbike
-Move to London!
-Meet All Time Low ♥
-Get my busking license! ♫  
-Date a musician  ♥
-Start a band ♩ ♪
-Learn to surf (since I'm aussie, I should probs already know how to...)
-Get a tattoo
-Dip dye my hair blue! :P
-Eat lobster (just to see what all the fuss is about ) 
-Play paintball
-Fall in love in Europe  ♥
-Throw a dart at a map & travel to where it lands
-Marry a male underwear model ;) don't judge me! :P 

ultimate bucket list, I know!


@0Nitaa13 one of my closest friends in real life, i love her!

@RainyGirls007 Sara always makes me smile and she inspires me!

@ceebear we have so much in common :O

@LiveLoveSnoreLaxx I LOVE this gorgeous chicka! GO FAN HER! oh and if you mess with her, I will KICK YOUR ASS BITCH! ;)

@YouHaveALilDickHoe she's my fellow hoe, only she's the american/french hoe and i'm the aussie/italian one ;)!

@Vintage_Dream my amazing kangaroo buddie! :D 

This: "The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do."

and feel free to chat me up amazings! xx ♥
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