THE JOURNEYS OF JOHN AND JULIA: GENESIS is my first novel. I'm close to completing book 2 of the series, and I've got at least 5 more planned.

I find inspiration everywhere for my stories. I love to observe, and I love to talk about what I see.

What else do I love?

I love imagining other worlds, and books do that for me. I have so many favorite reads that it would be impossible to list them all here. 

I love it so much that my books center around it... I mean think of it: I dial a number on my iPhone and this info is packaged and sent through space to the next orbiting satellite of my provider & routed as if by magic to my friend in the Himalayas!  He pushes accept on his phone and we talk as if we stand next to each other even though every word is bouncing up and down through space as if it was an environment where time does not exist... So how can anyone NOT love technology much? 

My Nintendo 3DS:
From racing in Mario Kart 7 to saving the world with the help of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
I also love:
Playing canasta with my mom. Sparkle HD. I'm secretly addicted to Bejeweled butterflies. And the most exciting game of ALL: life.

Favorite movies & superheroes:
If I needed to relocate to outer space and could only bring one movie I'd probably pick.... Here you have it: I'd miss my space shuttle trying to decide... As for superheroes: Sailor Moon first & foremost. Professor X. Mystique. Psylocke. Wolverine. Batman. Miss Marvel. Jean Grey. And if I could be a superhero I would be Songbird. 

What inspires me in nature.:
The perfect design in even the seemingly most insignificant creature... I could look at things big & small for hours without getting bored. Think fractals!

Britney & Madonna:
I love Britney for showing every troubled teenager how it's done.
& Madonna for never tiring to change.
Did I mention I love their music?

I love dancing:
All day long to the beat of my heart. 

& one more thing: I’m not afraid to make a fool of myself!
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