'' Everytime I wake up in the morning, I do some stretching, Grab my guitar and Play.''
      Hello =D
      Shall I introduce myself? ofcourse. xD
      my name is Topex.
      A Lover Boy. who loves HER so MUCH.. I'll do just about anything..
      Music is my soul.
      I'm an Amateur Guitarist.
      an Amateur Writer.
      an Amateur Drawer.
      an Amateur Singer. ( xD wtf? )
      I like blue. though these past months I learned to love Black and White </3 not an Emo though.
      My dream is, ofcourse, to gain expertise of these talents.
      for now, I'm an Amateur... but you guys wait!!! >:)) I'll do my best!
      I like challenges. It feeds my Soul.
      I'm a man. A man whose soul is burning with determination.
      a man whose dreams are soaring high.
      thou shall let thy wing grow, for I shall reach my Goals.
      I make stories to entertain people but do remember that
      Each story I make reflects a part of my life.
      please support me ^_^
      okay? good. xD
      sencerely yours, Topex :D
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