My name's Astrid, I also go by the nickname Martie. I'm a 21 year old from Norway. I'm also a blackmilk sharkie, M.E fighter, movie addict, animal lover, daydreamer and aspiring writer. For now my writing is confined to coffee shops and the four walls of my home.

I have the mental capacity of an ostrich (no joke) because whenever someone tries to scare me and succeeds I'll shoot one knee up to my chin and cover my head with my arms on instinct. It's as if my brain thinks it protects me from harm. It doesn't. 

- I have no ongoing projects on Wattpad at the moment! :)
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He's a Wildcard [Watty Awards 2014]

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Description: "You were perfect in the worst way possible, like a fire I just had to play with." Riley Reynolds' senior year did not end as she had wished it would and after enduring a breakup with a cheating boyfriend commitment is out of the question for Riley...

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Little Moments [Watty Awards 2014]

Little Moments [Watty Awards 2014]

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I've entered my stories 'He's a Wildcard' and 'Little Moments' into this year's Watty Awards! 
Thank you for all the love you've shown for these two stories, I really appreciate all the votes and comments!
I'm gone for the weekend and don't know if I'll have any Wifi, so updated He's a Wildcard today instead of Sunday!:) 
The last and final chapter will be up as scheduled on Wednesday! 
Have a good weekend everyone! x

I just know from doing martial arts myself that every move was very specific, but in my case it was also based solely on defense never to harm. However, you still got to know what each block could do if say that pronounced knuckle in the block hit somebody's temple because the block was supposed to disarm a blow coming from above etc. And I would think boxing being more in the physical contact department would still hold the same thematics as to how much force is required behind each punch to cause harm and where the blows would need to land in order to have the desired impacts. 
I completely understand your thought behind it now that you've explained it and had the order of the people getting to Gabe been different (as in Mateo had not been last), then I would think it highly possible. But since Mateo is made out to be highly skilled (and controlled) in what he does my impression is that he wouldn't need to do much to simply subdue Gabe, even if he was being impossible, just because Mateo has that particular skill set.
(I'm not trying to be impossible haha, just trying to thoroughly explain my thoughts on the matter due to feedback so it doesn't come off as vague.)