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21. Writer. Reader. Spoonie. Daydreamer. Blackmilk Sharkie. Whovian. Potterhead. Disney Fanatic. Animal Lover. Norwegian. Skittles Addict. Swifty. 

My name's Astrid, but you can also call me Martie I have a very weird personality and the mental capacity of an ostrich (no joke), more often than not when someone tries to scare me  (and succeed), I'll shoot one knee up to my chin and cover my head with my arms. It's as if my brain thinks that it makes me invisible and protects me from harm. It doesn't. 
I harbour a special affection for Country music, but I also like everything from classic to rock. I have a T.A.R.D.I.S wardrobe but sadly it is not bigger on the inside much to my dismay!

Everything I post on Wattpad is my own work and also first drafts. 

I've been very inactive for a good two years, but I'm back! To stay this time! 

 • Current Stories:
    Little Moments 
    Playing Fearless
    Lionheart (Next chapter will be at the end of July due to Nanowrimo)

   @Lilbratatude My bawslinkster! 

Don't let your presence go unnoticed and don't be a stranger! :)

"For paradise is locked and bolted, we must make a journey around the world to see if a backdoor has perhaps been left open."


Playing Fearless

Playing Fearless

24 parts / 63 pages, updated Jul 21, 2014PG-13Video
"Good guys are like unicorns, everybody talks about them, but nobody has actually seen one." Samantha has been in and out of foster homes for the past six years... read more
183,498 reads votes 2,224 comments 389
Little Moments

Little Moments

Short Story #356
7 parts / 14 pages, updated Jul 20, 2014PGCompleted
It was chance - and a whole lot of caffeine - that drew Scheana and Xander together, but with a limited couple of days and the reality of two worlds separating them; is a few moments really enough to change everything?
526 reads votes 88 comments 26


6 parts / 24 pages, updated Jun 08, 2014PG-13Pictures
Riley Reynolds' senior year did not end as she had wished it would and she can't wait to escape to college in the fall. After enduring a breakup with a cheating boyfriend, comm... read more
2,145 reads votes 65 comments 15
Erase and Rewind

Erase and Rewind

20 parts / 80 pages, updated Nov 27, 2011PG-13Completed
Getting drugged on GHB at a party is no fun, just ask Carson, she had to move away and is trying to start over. But things don’t get any better when her new neighbor, Alex... read more
35,233 reads votes 464 comments 128
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AHHH THANK YOU :D thankyouthankyouthankyouuu!!! I'm so happy you liked it!:D And kudos on the mean girls reference, glen coco would be proud!
Little Moments

I sure hope it doesn't mean you're forsaking your spirit animal!
Little Moments

Poor you, poor glands! D:
Little Moments

It sure would be great for us if he grew on trees or something, haha!
Little Moments

You and me both hon, I'm pretty certain my self control does not extend that far x)
Little Moments

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