Name: Most people call me Kim tho
Age: 17 to be

~A fangirl with no regrets.~

Hi! My name's Kim. Ashley is my middle name, hence the username. I've been writing since I was 12. I once wanted writing as a career, but now it'll remain as a hobby for me. I have tons of books waiting for me to read beside my bed, but fanfics are a huge distraction. Dylan o' Brien is precious, I swear. Currently, I am in the Teen Wolf, Supernatural, and DW fandom. Most of the time animes distract me from writing so my updates are incredibly slow. 

I've been thinking of making a Twitter solely just for my writing persona, but...procrastination.  

Wanna send me a cover or a banner? Email it to black_julietz_dreamer@yahoo.com !

**On Semi-Hiatus**
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Not So Secret

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Description: My dad always told me to follow my dreams, and not let anyone stop me from trying to achieve what I want in life. So that's pretty much how I ended up in a rich all-boys boarding school with a scholarship granted by the headmaster himself. Problem w...

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Am working on the next chapter now after a month of hiatus. Sorry folks, I was sort of caught up with the amount of destiel fanfics on tumblr that I lost track of my writing process. Heh. x
I am so conflicted right now. MNAMJ was written when I was twelve/thirteen, okay? And I clearly stated it there, in the story's description as a warning because I know some readers hate stories that don't make sense and trust me, the story DOESN'T make any sense. And I still receive comments, thinking that I'm some idiot who wrote that RECENTLY, comments which hurt honestly. I have thought of removing the story from wattpad just so people would stop sending me hate comments for a story I wrote 5 years ago. The only reason why I kept it was because it's my first story, and I feel like I gotta respect it, yknow? Anyway, I don't really know what I should do, I just had to rant it out. I'm sorry for taking up your time.