Name: Kim
Age: 18 to be

~A fangirl with no regrets.~

Hi! My name's Kim and I write to hopefully inspire people. My current project is The Boy With a Piano which is aimed to be a heart-warming story about a girl fighting with cancer. I love people-watching because that's how I sometimes get my story ideas. I believe that little bits of stories from people can change the world one day. 

I've been writing since I was 12. I once wanted writing as a career, but now it'll remain as a hobby for me. 

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Twitter: Kimberlyphy

Wanna send me a cover or a banner? Email it to:
kimisashleyy15@gmail.com !
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The Boy With The Piano

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Description: "Someday my prince will come, maybe not in this lifetime as you can see I can't stop my life from ending quickly." A heart-warming story about a former ballerina and a pianist. Charlie claims to live an ordinary life, playing the piano day-in and...

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Well, I have been a fan of yours since... well since I joined Wattpad. I've seen your old days, when you were still writing Never Ending Tune and everything. I've seen it all. That book broke my heart though, why would you delete it? 

Anyways, if you think it's right to leave your works (and your fans along with it), then go on. No one's decision matters here, except yours. No matter what we do, or what we say, it will always depend on you.

So my question is, are you ready to delete your account?
Confession time. I was thinking of deleting this account and all the stories along with it. I do appreciate all the nice comments and messages you guys have given me, I really do. But I feel like the person who created Ashleyy15 is gone, she's no longer a part of me. I used to 'believe in love' and therefore wrote these stories. The reason why I haven't upload recently is because I can't write something that I don't believe in, it feels like I'm lying or something. I'm also hesitating on deleting because I placed so much effort in writing those stories when I was younger. I don't know guys, I'd like to hear what you guys think on this :)
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100 Days , OMG !! I Cried Like A Baby. ilove Will So Much. When I Read Ms Nerd Mr Jock _ Then 100 Days _ Then riches To Royalty , I Swear It Was Like Watching A Movie. i Love You For Making A Story That Blew Me Away With Tears Staining My Pillow And My Cheeks.