I'm Ash! I'm an average high school student! I'm average student but can be a genius if i try but i'm so lazy so I never tried ;-). I love to read all kind of stories. Fantasy, Horror and Romantic are my favorite. 

About Me:

* I'm from planet Nowhere.

* I'm a Super Lazy Person

* I never study.

* I read a lot.

* Reading is my addiction

* I'm a daydreamer.

* I'm an Anime Addict person.(sort of) =P

* I'm weird. (seriously)

* I smack my siblings in the head randomly.

* I argue with people.

* I don't listen in lecturing things.

* I walk out on people while they're talking. (yeah rude)

* I can be the nosiest and most silent person.

* I'm NATURALLY nice to all people.

* CAT is my favorite animal! <3

* I know  Martial Arts especially Taekwondo

* I love sparring. 


* I randomly stalk people here. 

* I'm a STALKER! so beware

* I have ZERO experience with boys. I just simply don't understand how their mind works.


Peps I know here are:


@lilly-rain  --> the most AWESOME writer EVER!...


@v123m17 and @XHeart_PrisonX --> my super Cool friends here!


@gabamelia --> She's my  AWESOME meanie proud master. (MPM)


@HalfxBloodxSkull --> my most ADMIRE SPAMMER! They're a legend with MPM!


@mygirlxcute --> she's my big sister.She's a devil! She's also a liar.(so don't believe her)


@sweetheart_girl --> she's my BFF in all places!


@Xxaddict_girlxX --> my another crazy best friend from planet Earth. 


@anneshe --> another bff.. but unlike the two above, she's the decent one.

@lovelessme --> she's decent.


@abhimanyu20000 ---> another SPECIAL BFF here!


@ShazzaWazza ---> Another, another special person! love you! <3


@littledevil1219 --> she's plain stupid and rude *roll eyes*


that's all.. thanks for the visit! ^_^
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