I'm Ash! I'm an average high school student! I'm average student but can be a genius if i try but i'm so lazy so I never tried ;-). I love to read all kind of stories. Fantasy, Horror and Romantic are my favorite. 

About Me:

* I'm from planet Nowhere.

* I'm a Super Lazy Person

* I never study.

* I read a lot.

* Reading is my addiction

* I'm a daydreamer.

* I'm an Anime Addict person.(sort of) =P

* I'm weird. (seriously)

* I smack my siblings in the head randomly.

* I argue with people.

* I don't listen in lecturing things.

* I walk out on people while they're talking. (yeah rude)

* I can be the nosiest and most silent person.

* I'm NATURALLY nice to all people.

* CAT is my favorite animal! <3

* I know  Martial Arts especially Taekwondo

* I love sparring. 


* I randomly stalk people here. 

* I'm a STALKER! so beware

* I have ZERO experience with boys. I just simply don't understand how their mind works.


Peps I know here are:


@lilly-rain  --> the most AWESOME writer EVER!...


@v123m17 and @XHeart_PrisonX --> my super Cool friends here!


@gabamelia --> She's my  AWESOME meanie proud master. (MPM)


@HalfxBloodxSkull --> my most ADMIRE SPAMMER! They're a legend with MPM!


@mygirlxcute --> she's my big sister.She's a devil! She's also a liar.(so don't believe her)


@sweetheart_girl --> she's my BFF in all places!


@Xxaddict_girlxX --> my another crazy best friend from planet Earth. 


@anneshe --> another bff.. but unlike the two above, she's the decent one.

@lovelessme --> she's decent.


@abhimanyu20000 ---> another SPECIAL BFF here!


@ShazzaWazza ---> Another, another special person! love you! <3


@littledevil1219 --> she's plain stupid and rude *roll eyes*


that's all.. thanks for the visit! ^_^
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AlexCullen posted a message to ash_05
dude.... ur already on my friends list.. y da hell shud i search ya... ur stuffs shud always b der wen i log in...:/
n i m not acting like a chick sis... ya hav gone soft... man i gotta rough ya up some...:P
PLUS... outer space is so cool... its not just meteor n craps... v hav galaxy n more galaxies n super galaxies... get out some more...://
n my alien friends n i hav annihilated ur friends so sorry dey are not da ones ur familiar with...:O
@AlexCullen yeah right, as if I believe you. Those are my alien friends. Pfft. Having an out of the world tour is not that great. All you is meteor and lots of craps. Didn't miss ya, not even a bit. And Im great.

Hush, your acting like a chick bro. 
And its not deleted and i didnt block you, you just didnt know how to search -_-
@HalfxBloodxSkull so sorry, I thought I had replied your last msg.

about that, thank god me and my family are fine. It did happened on Visayas though and not in our province. But were still devastated with the calamity. The folks there are really suffering from food shortage and other daily neccessities.Not to mention some towns there also suffer from severe earthquake.
@AlexCullen heyyowazzupyo! I'm still living in the Eart, buddy. You? Did the Aliens finally abducted you?