I speak Spanish, French and English (in that order).. and a little of Italian. 

I love to read, specially Historic Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Mystery and Werewolf romances.

I've written a couple of books here:

1) "Strange meets weird" -  Completed - It's a fantasy/science fiction book with its fair share of romance. It's about two young women Lilly and Amy, who have been friends since childhood and who suddenly travel to a different dimension. It has mystery, suspense, romance and humor.

2) "Fighting her instincts to protect her freedom" - Completed - I was always reading werewolf novels so it only seemed logical to write one... I also wanted to make my character travel a lot because I just love getting to know other countries and meeting people from different backgrounds. So I talked about different locations in that book. 

3) "The adventures of Princess Annie" - on going - It's a fantasy story with a young heroine. It's my own fantasy world and the heroine embodies the qualities I admire the most. Of course, a story about a princess lead me to include some magic into it and I hope it will make it even more appealing.

4) The one work I have been writing in Spanish is a non-fiction book of poetry. I don't consider myself a poet, but I think it expresses better my state of mind, my emotions.
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Description: Princess Annie is a very bright young lady with a great thirst for knowledge. She is also brave, generous and even magical. As she grows up she will learn how to use her gifts to help others and protect them from the evils of her world. However, eve...

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oh, ok. Thanks! It's one of those details that kept bothering me. You know In that book with the French exchange student, Jack said that the guy liked Paris in the Spring. That confused me bc it's not easy to pronounce that sentence in French when French is not your native language. And in other scenes or books Jack seemed less chatty. Anyway, is he going to continue to grow up? Will he eventually go to school?

As for your comment about the soap opera, I can't wait to see what happens in the next book. I really like what you said. :)

Nice chapter. 

I love how Myrtle compares Tomorrow's Promise to a documentary LOL Maybe that explains she likes to watch a soap opera even though she hates reading the books chosen by the book club.  I was always a bit confused about her love for a soap opera. I know everybody has a guilty pleasure but soap operas are so silly sometimes! And Myrtle has always been so passionate when talking about the difference between the classics and  "beach books". However, considering how real life can be even more dramatic than fiction, I think I can understand her better. 

Oh and I have a little question: how old is Jack?