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I love reading romantic stories and listening to love songs.
I'm definitely not a writer, and that's proven. Aha.


Fly Me To The Moon

Fly Me To The Moon

2 pages, updated Mar 23, 2014GVideo
After staying a year in London, Haley's parents decide that it's best if they all move back to Chicago for Haley's final year in high school, and to also get the suppo... read more
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I CRIED... FOR THE WRONG REASON. Did I cry because MARK IS ANGRY AT TORI? nope. Did I cry because CALI GOT PREGNANT? nope. not at all. Did I cry...
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it saddens me that you didn't mention team blake. :( i know you're probably sticking to the whole "no cliche" thing, but teaaaam blake!! :(
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initially, i wanted tori and blake to be together. currently? i still ship them. i know there's like a 99.999999% chance of that NOT happening,...
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@VeryLovelyReader you're not the only one sailing that ship, comrade. we both are... it might be sinking soon, though.
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@itsashell you say it, girl!
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