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Hello there! I'm pretty sure only a few will read this. But oh well, I'll write it anyway.

My grammar is like super bad and I'm pretty sure most of it are wrong, so please understand :(
But I hope at least you will understand the story.
If you don't understand it, you can ask me :)
Critiques are welcome, but please no harsh words, I'm kind of sensitive lol.
If any of you want to help me with my grammar, I really appreciate it. And yes! Of course I want your help.
 @Ethanuel_Johansen16 is my bestie in real life and in wattpad. She is super amazing! She helps me with everything. When I say 'everything', I do mean everything. @MissAquaMarine97Fan <-- be careful with her, she bites. She's my best friend too and you could see yourself what her username is. I'm seriously touched, I felt like I'm going to cry *sniff*

My favorite author is Cassandra Clare, she is simply amazing!
I love The Mortal Instruments sequel so so so much.

Novel genre I loved the most? Any genre, as long as there is romance in it XD

My favorite color is SOFT BLUE!!! *duh* my username is pretty clear right? haha.

I don't know what to write here anymore
So yeah, this is pretty much what I have in mind.

Thank you for wasting your time to read this. Although there's nothing important here :D
Oh yeah, one more thing! I like to laugh, so maybe in every comment I'll make, there will be so much ':), :D, haha, lol'
And that's it. Goodbye!


Him or Him? (On Hold)

Him or Him? (On Hold)

7 parts / 14 pages, updated Aug 23, 2012PG-13Pictures
Gabbie had a perfect life when she was a kid. A perfect home. A perfect family. A perfect friend. A perfect best-friend. You name it, and she had it all perfect. But, n... read more
763 reads votes 45 comments 37
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Aw... I love you mah plen :* By the way, love this chapter! Keep up the good work sista.
Summer Love ( A One Directi...

Aw, of course he is :') @MissAquaMarine97Fan
Him or Him? (On Hold)

@PanasheJasi lol. Thanks for your support! I'll continue the story soon :)
Him or Him? (On Hold)

@BeautifulDarkSecrets Thanks! You make me really happy :D And yes, he played as Cato. Same here, Hunger Games rock! lol
Him or Him? (On Hold)

You really could get me thinking what will happen next on the last part of the chapter. A great way to keep people reading haha.
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