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Hi! If u didnt see before up there i am a girl. I love the Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, and Kane Chronicles series a lot.  Rick Riordan is my favorite author. My favorite characters are Annabeth and Sadie. My favorite colors are blue and orange. I will talk to pretty much anyone if they are nice to me.  I can be very caring, yet very fierce about somethong or someone I love. Meaning, if you hurt somethong or someone I care about, your going down dude(joking, but if ur really mean i wont be nice to u)

Favorite singers and bands:
One Direction!!
The Wanted
Adam Lambert

Things I love:
Music, 1D especially
Percy Jackson series
Exotic foods

Things I dont like:
Spiders,i have arachnaphobia
People who always judge

Well thats pretty much me in a nutshell, just message me if you want to talk and know more about me, bye

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Ooooooo its amazing a lot of suspense, your playing it out really nicely, giving a big space to wonder what will happen
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ahhh amazing, I think that Samantha is gonna help Louis and Liam and tell them she's nice
Trapped With Nowhere To Hide

So i pretty much am in love with your story and want you to update asap!!!
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