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Hi!~ I'm a cheerful person and very fond with love stories... I may not look like it but I'm an OTAKU,, I love anime and manga... its not that long since I started reading pinoy made love stories and in the first story that makes me want to read more is the the story by Ms. Elliedelights, her story entitled by "Love-nat: Isang makulit na love story" gosh i'm so addicted to this story and so I started to real a lot of  stories by other authors and as of now, I am also a fan of Ms. Aly of My Prince,, gosh I really liked that one and of course Ms. Denny or you all knew as haveyouseenthisgirl. I really liked her voiceless and now I'm going to read her other stories. 

That's all~ I hope I'll always have time to read a lot of new stories from different authors!~  I'm really looking forward... :3 

By the way I'm new here hope I can be friends with you guys I love to chat with friends with the same interests as me and recommend me some wonderful stories and great author. Thanks and hope I'll be your friend... :)
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LOVE-NAT: Soon to be PUBLISHED by LIB!!! ♥

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