Status: ATTENTION WATTPAD: joey richter is a smoker, not gonna marry him anymore. going for nick jonas now. (2 years ago)


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Anastasia is basically my username for everything, Richter WAS my to-be last name :D (apparently Joey is a smoker so I'll just go for Nick Jonas) and some (Club PegWin) call me Yolanda, so it doesn't really matter. Anyways, I tend to go on and on about random things like the Backstreet Boys and StarKid. Writing anything from song parodies to StarKid fan-fictions is my hobby, because, according to 416bunny, I have no life.
Some stuff about me:
1.) I'm kind of a grammar nazi
2.) I play piano, flute, and can play 3 songs on the ukulele :)
3.) My 3 favorite songs are I Want It That Way, The Way I Do, and Potential Breakup Song <3<3<3
4.) I'm a half-ginger... so I have a half-soul?
5.) My dream is for Joey Richter to send me a sexysaxagram <3 XD
6.) I am a Pretty Pretty Princess.
7.) My obsessions: StarKid, psych, Aladdin, Harry Potter, Modern Family, Febreze, West Side Story, John Krasinski, The Office, Quirrelmort Bromance, Shawn/Gus Bromance <3, Backstreet Boys, Tom Felton, the Cubs, Ramen, Pretty Pretty Princess, duct tape art, Jesse McCartney, and if I missed any, which I know I did, please add them :)
8.) I, as well as every single person who has ever met him, think that Pat Mac is the studliest of stud muffins :)
9.) Favorite quote: "Can you buy me cookies? I have cancer." -Pat Mac (thanks Bear421!!)
Miss you & love you Pat! All my stuff here is dedicated to you!


Can Hogwarts Make a Mistake?

Can Hogwarts Make a Mistake?

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My Father Always Told Me...

My Father Always Told Me...

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