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Hiiiii ! 
-College Freshie
-Have a joint account on wattpad @nicolemarie2210
-Currently writing Grey on that account, some should check it out.
-Taken by my babu 06.11.11 <3
-Too obsessed with 1D and the jobros
-Check out the #clique1996 brand on

Goals for Grey:
[x] 50 reads
[x] 100 reads
[x] 300 reads
[x] 500 reads
[x] 1,000 reads
[  ] 3,000 reads
[  ] 5,000 reads
[  ] 10,000 reads
[  ] 50,000 reads
[  ] 100,000 reads
[  ] 500,000 reads
[  ] 1,000,000 reads
r e a d i n g l i s t |a m a z i n g b o o k s |s h o r t i e s |g o o d b o o k s |n o t c o m p l e t e d |a m a z i n g b o o k s t w o |t o p f a v e s |

My Best Friend is Back
3,760,520 reads

1,221,382 reads

Meeting Ellie
7,142,252 reads

Soft Silence
57,075 reads

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