"Never trust a blueberry." - About Time (2013)

I love writing, reading and sleeping. Oh and breathing, breathing is important.

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Description: Hello, this is the new and improved version of the old My Lucky Pick. Thank the lord! To be honest with you, I don't like the title but it's original and it suits so I'm going to use it. :) Um obviously just don't copyright, simple as that. I don'...

@amarantos- omg I haven't read that!!!! I will, i will. I miss it so much!! I wish I could forget everything and then start over and read it again. But Fintry being an ass is so hard to take though! Was it just me who held my breath every time he'd reject Jensen? I loved how she didn't write about them being together though, it's so thrilling and it's a more satisfying result because I'd probably have different views on how relationships should go to others. Gahhhhh so good!!

"Oh, So Now You Want Me?" I felt the pace of the whole story was a little out of whack. In some parts I felt it needed to move faster and others slower. I also don't agree with how much the relationship was built up on sexual tension. It just made it seem cheap. I thought Mason would be a great character along with many others but they all got too cheesy at the end, although Cole and Bella would be absolutely magnificent. Anywaaays, I enjoyed reading it even though I admittedly don't like werewolves and I don't know anything about them. It was a lot of good writing but it just needed something unique to give it that final touch. Awesome story from an awesome writer!
Thanks, Amy.