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My name is Autumn, but I go by many such as:
-Autum-N (I love you  @NiK3lxD <3)
-Adam (unfortunately)
-Au-Dumb (I'll have to kill that guy)

I do NOT go by:
-Any pet names you can think of (It just ain't happening lol) 

I am a country girl at heart, though I may not show it all the time. Damn, country fried steak with gravy sounds great right now... Anyway, my ab-so-lute favorite music is Country (obvious, right?).
Fun Fact(!) : My Mom's family is all New York (Yankees) and my Dad's is hillbilly redneck (jk but his family is country style) so that oficially makes me a New Country Yorkian just for y'all's info!!! I love being both, but I always feel out of place and in the middle.

I LOVE to read. Like seriously, my books, movies and music are basically my life. In my reading lists are fantastic and some of the best writings on Wattpad (in my opinion). If you look at my Reading List Finished <3 you will see I have read over 50 completely. Feel free to check those out!!! Please do! 

I have great RESPECT for a good STORY whether there is good punctuation or not. I can stand all sorts to read greatness! I don't usually critic stories by anything other than smiles and frowns, but if asked I will deliberately critic anybody's work. If you EVER want me to read your work, please feel free to ask (I have all the time in the world and I'm always looking for more to read). I am big on romance genres, but I'm not big on the stuff in real life(: I will read pretty much anything. 

I do love to write and I have my own stories that I so badly want published one day. One day I hope my dreams to come true. If you ever get the chance to read my stories... lol I hope you like them! 

So that's me! Well, some of it... I would say you now know what everyone knows about me, but that doesn't mean you know ALL about me. And you never will(; just like everyone else -AH

*(2000 exactly)


Alyssa Lies

Alyssa Lies

1 page, updated Jan 08, 2013Video
Title of this story will evetually change as to make it my own and not just base it off the song, Alyssa Lies, by Jason Michael Carroll. Andi Maple used to have the world's gr... read more
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I love the Blood idea. Very cool, Abs. Remember to CAPITALIZE Blood whenever you're referring to it as a mate. It's a title and not to be confused...
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My awful life as a VAMPIRE!...

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