I'm just a mom, and a wife. Been together almost 20 years, my boys, 19 and 14, are amazing and are my whole world. If I'm not with them, I'm reading. Always. Anything and everything. But my current genre obsession is boyxboy. But I will read just about anything if it will make me smile or happy. I live in small town, USA. I do mean small. We just got our very own stoplight about 3 months ago. Yep, it was a big deal. Everyone knows everyone, and everyone's at the game on Friday night. It's the place to be. It's not for everyone, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I haven't written a chapter for my story in so long it's embarrassing, but due to a severe brain stem stroke that has left me partially paralyzed, and my brain just all messed up, it's not possible at the tine. I leave it up, hoping that it'll come back to me and I'll be able to finish. But right now my goals are things like walking and talking right before I can try an finish my book, I must work on that. 

That's it. I'm friendly when I want to be, so if you wanna know more, just drop me a line. I promise not to bite. Not too hard anyway! The Dr tells me the typing I do thru chatting here is good for my hand and arm, and my brain, so hit me up if you'd like! 

Random Facts: 

Being a mom is THE most important thing to me.
I've been smoke free since March 27, 2014.
Am an avid vaper. It's saving my life.
Baseball is the greatest thing ever!
I have a dog who thinks he's a child.
I love all kinds of music, anything really. Almost.
My favorite color is navy blue.
My nose is pierced.
I often change hair color, right now half of it's hot pink. 
I'm a reality tv junkie, but right now I'm obsessed with a British show they nickname TOWIE. 
I nickname everyone in my life that gets close to me. Everyone. 

Can't think of anything else for now. If you wanna know, just ask! 
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@BigNeptune I would have replied sooner, but I'm being totally cliche right now, and before the move hits, I'm reading the 50 shades series again. I'm a read first kinda woman. Always. I waited 2 wks to watch water for elephants because I hadn't read it and just didn't have time to read like my life affords me now. I feel like the movies always ruin the book for me. Anyway, so I've been wattpad free, but started the 2nd book now, so decided to take a break and see if I had a reply from you. 

I promise I will never give spoilers. Knowing that I'm as in tune as I seem to be, I'm assuming I know what will happen also. Although it doesn't really ruin it for me. If I'm ever going to say or ask anything that might give away anything big, or too much, I promise to do so by pm you as you are making me feel as if I could pull thoughts from your mind. I'm not sure if I should be happy that I'm on such a wave length with someone who is less than half my age, or just assume you have a bit of an old soul? Lmao! Although I am the community other mother so it's really no big surprise that you feel I can relate to you well. I had my first when just 18, and my parents made a huge deal of it, so I always found it very important to become the very best mother I could be, in every way. It's my greatest accomplishment in life. And you fall between the ages of my boys at 14&19. And I have no idea why I'm telling you all this. Ugh! Sorry. It's that rambling thing again. Then I find myself embarrassed that I ramble, but also feel I worked so hard to type this out that I can't ever bring myself to erase and not send my words. It would be such wasted energy and effort for me. Anywho, I've embarrassed myself enough for now, so I'll be shutting up. And continue to look forward to seeing just how well of a mind reader I am when it comes to you! Hope your day was well!


@BigNeptune I very much enjoy knowing that I make you smile. Really, really. I enjoy knowing I understand the story. I often have to reread things now and sometimes am stumped. Like it just constantly keeps me guessing. And I'm not saying this is predictable by any means. It just seems that our brains think alike is all. I'm sure most wouldn't have given another thought to the lifted keys, and how important they could be, but in my mind what happens and what he might have the opportunity to do with the keys is so vital. They have the potential to make or break him in so many different ways don't they? I mean if you think about it, a lot hinges on Eddergan, but then again people like him ARE slightly predictable at times aren't they? I mean maybe not like knowing what exactly their going to do, but the fact that they will do something, and it won't be to anyone's benefit but their own, they are very predictable in that way. Again, even in real life don't you think? I mean if someone is just crazy evil, they just are, and it really is all a matter of time. And people like him tend to be egotistical and think that they will always have their way because to them nothing less makes sense in their minds. Idk, maybe I'm over thinking, maybe I'm just being to.....ugh, can't think of the word I want, crap! Anyway, I'm glad I make you smile, and that I seem to have the proper grasp on this story, especially since I just love it so much. I'm not sure what exactly about Cinde calls to me, maybe it's the mother in me?, but something does, and I just want to hide him away from anyone and anything negative. Ok, shutting up now, I've rambled long enough. You'll learn quickly, that I ramble, am horribly talkative, and don't know when to just shut up sometimes but go on and on. I have a rather large soap box I often stand on and rant about injustices, ect. Ok, I was supposed to be shutting up. See what I mean? Hope your day is great love!

Ugh, I absolutely hate him! And if he goes to find cinde now, then the only hope he has to save himself from that disgusting man is to use those keys he lifted and run to his mate as fast as he can! Why can't wolves in these scenarios just understand that mates are found, treasured, and that they should just be left alone! Ugh, so irritating! I suppose it's no different to murderers or rapists in our world is it? I suppose if he does find cinde, how he handles it has the potential to show the king he really does have no desire to run from him, but instead to run to him and be held in the safety of his embrace. Great stuff, can't wait for more.

I'm in love with this. Started this morning, just finished. Took me forever, the men in my life, hubby an sons, just wouldn't leave me the heck alone! I feel sorry for Finn, I feel like crow is being a bit selfish. I get that you can't help who you love, but you can help how you behave when they font reciprocate, especially when it's your BFF! Finn doesn't want to lose his friend, but I think crow might push too far. Can't wait to see what happens.