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First of all, welcome to my profile. There are only a few things you need to know about me:

I write stories. I'm a fangirl of different shows (so please excuse my frequent fangirl-ing statements). And I'm not really sort of kinda weird.

To all of the readers who use their precious time to read my stories, thank you very much. To all the haters, thanks to all of you too since you also allotted time to read and criticize my work (And that was not sarcastic).
To all the patient Wattpaders (if there is ever such a term), I only promise you this: I'll keep posting.
No promises about posting weekly, though (since it depends entirely on my schedule and my inspiration), but I promise that I'll always try to post as soon as I can.

Vote if you like, don't if you don't. Feel free to send a message or comment if you want to ask or give any advice.

Thank you again to all those who supported me and kept on pushing me to write [tears of joy]. And I'm so sorry if it took me a year or so just to post another story.

That's all. AG OUT!

P.S. Live long and prosper. \\ //, <<<<--------- yeah, that's the hand sign thingy.


The Search

The Search

2 parts / 9 pages, updated Aug 11, 2013G
A diary was dropped at the end of a dark alley by a girl who was seemingly in a hurry. After looking side-ways to check if anyone's watching, the girl disappeared into thin air.
102 reads votes 5 comments 2
My Boss Got Me Fallin' In LOVE

My Boss Got Me Fallin' In LOVE

18 parts / 64 pages, updated Apr 13, 2011PG-13Pictures
Katee's first impression on the guy in the elevator was: hot at first sight. Little did she know, that guy's her boss, specifically, the Vice President of L... read more
878,994 reads votes 6,923 comments 881

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The Search