My name is Alyssa and I joined this site because my friend told me to.

Some random facts about me:

- I love platypi. Like seriously. I want to own one. 
- I also love One Direction. Harry Styles is my husband <3 
- I'm in high school
- I write all the time. Way too much, actually. It's kind of scary.
- I'm very weird. Very. So be prepared :P
- My favorite book is Harry Potter, and always will be.
- I love love love accents, especially British ones. I reeeeally wish I had one.
- I have brown hair and eyes (boring, I know)
- I think that bubble wrap is amazing. Because it is. 
- My favorite show is the Big Bang Theory or Criminal Minds
- I play soccer, act, and do track
- The best color is purple. Don't even try to fight it.
- I am short. Like extremely short. But adorable ;)

Anyways, please read my stories. All comments, fans, votes, and reads make me very very happy! Fan me and I'll fan back! 

Oh, and go check out @carolinebailey777. she's my friend and an awesome writer :)

Okay, that's pretty much it. ONE DIRECTION!! <3
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Stay Beautiful (Zayn Malik Fan Fiction)

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Description: After Alison went on a roller coaster with five boys who she vaguely recognized but couldn't quite place, all she knew was that she had a good time. It isn't until later that she realizes they were the boy band One Direction, and the boy she is fall...

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