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Heyy guys

I love reading and writing, and do it whenever I get the chance. 
I'm still developing though so feedback is supa doopa important to me. 
It would be swell if you could check out my stories and give me some feedback. Vote, comment and fan as you like! I like to write fantasy, drama and youll notice theres always a big love story going on because Im a hopeless romantic. I like to dream up the most perfect boys most preferably with British accents because Im forever alone. 

Watty is great, theres some fab talent out there so feel free to link me your stories on my wall!

People know me as funny, French and a bit craycray but HEY IM A GROUSE CHICKA. Dont h8 m3 b3c@u$3 you aint m3. 

My bestie is @aallyouneedislove so be sure to check her out too because ermahgerd her writing is just amazing there are no words. But shes a peasant so dont be friends with her.
This is the story we wrote together though:



Three Little Words

Three Little Words

8 parts / 28 pages, updated Jul 04, 2012Pictures
5,034 reads votes 56 comments 70


3 parts / 3 pages, updated Dec 19, 2011
Casey Stepfordson is from London. She's got everything a girl needs. Until her selfish parents made a harsh decision that will turn her life upside down. Will she move on or forever curse this new way of life?
189 reads votes 8 comments 15
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All I Want {One Direction #1}

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Okjdhshashajahhahdj you updated what is air Aggghhh great start to the chapter and I hope you write more soon xoxo

@IM_THE_SEXY_CARROT Thank you tht means so much to me and I will e sure to update! Xoxo @aallyouneedislove Thankyou I love you haha
Three Little Words

Thank you so much xo @IM_THE_SEXY_CARROT
Three Little Words

Oh my gosh! I meant to read this aaaagesss ago but I haven't been on for a while sorry! Thank you so much for the dedication this is a perfect...
All I Want {One Direction #1}