Hey babes and bitches ;)
      It's the coolest person i the world here writing Alexa's bio haha @xoxoloveu
      She's such a bitch! bahaha jokes jokes ;) 
      Alexa is the craziest weirdest most insane person you'll ever meet xD 
      She's a loyal friend who's always there for you♥
      Italian! <3 Jersey girl at heart xD 
      She's been through hell and back but always keeps fighting ♥
      GORGEOUSSSS!!!!!! She makes all the boys go woo woo ;) 
      Fuck with anyone she loves and she will personally come hunt you down with a fork ._. and hell yes it's scary! haha :) 
      She's a huge PERV! and she can deny it all she wants but it's sooo true ;) ♥
      Her biggest weaknesses: Hot guys and vodka ;) put them together and she's one crazyyy chica ;) bahhah! 
      Guess what!? Wanna know a secret? pssttttt Matt Latner's hiding in her basement ;) and guess what?! I get private access down there ;) mmhhmm i'm one lucky bitch xD
      Noww For the List of Awesome Peopleee :)
      @xoxoloveu well ofc i'm at the top of this list because well what can i say?! i'm a fucking bawwsss and yes that's right you're jelly xD Alexa's my big sis and i love her <3 crazy food fights and ahmazing convos this bitch is always there for me <3
       ANJ! This girl rigth here is Alexa's bestest friend in the whole wide world. They're always there for each other <3 Anj is the sweetest person ever <3 she always gives the best advice and keeps Alexa a little.. teeny bit sane ahaha :D   bahaha secret love? more like secret nerd xD ahaha love ya
      @LexiDaniels_ IM AWESOME! hehe Alexa and I killed Megan Fox and kidnapped sexy guys!!!  CHANNING TATUM! yummy ;) together we r insane! We r sexy devils! ♥LOVE U ALEXA! -ur lil sis Lex
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