I dont know if how am i going to introduce myself, kaya kakantahan ko nalng kayo kasi maganda naman boses ko :))) (wag nang umangal pa :P)
      I'm, I'm good at wasting time
      I think lyrics need to rhyme
      And you're not asking
      I eat cheese, but ONLY ON PIZZA, please
      And sometimes on a homemade quesadilla
      Otherwise it smells like feet to me
      And I, I really like it when the moon looks like a toenail
      If you wanna know
      Here it goes
      Gonna tell you this
      The part of me that'll show if you're close
      Gonna let you see everything
      But remember that you asked for it
      I'll try to do my best to impress
      But it's easier to let you take a guess at the rest
      But you wanna hear what lives in my brain
      My heart, will you ask for it, for your perusing?
      At times confusing, slightly amusing
      INTRODUCING ME ^________^
      ganda ng boses ko noh?? haha, THANKS! so yan kilala nyo na ako! kaya Friends na tayo! at wag kang aagal haa! ang may karapatan lang umangal are those persons who can answer the following questions:
      *Does Jennifer love Hewitt?
      *Where did Vincent Van Gogh? Did Rachelle Ann Go with Him?
      *Why is Norman Black, and Redford White ??? Well then, Chris Brown?
      *Where did Sandara Park?
      *Is Chow Yun Fat?
      *What does Henry Sy?
      *Did Jordan Sparks??
      *When will Orlando Bloom?
      *What is Victoria's Secret??
      *Does David Cook?
      *If a deaf person has to go to court, is it still called a hearing?
      *Can you daydream at night?
      *Can you put a Dinner/Breakfast on a Lunchbox?
      *If you expect the unexpected, wouldn't the unexpected be expected ?
      -- so ano?? na sagot mo ba? kung OO , ok di na tayo Friends kung HINDI, 'Lika! Usap tayo Friend! HAHA ^_____________________^ IM SO SURE THAT YOU DONT KNOW THE ANSWERS AND EVEN WILMA DOESNT.  AHHAHAHAHAHHA
       (sensya na po sa kakulitan ko XD)
      btw, you're so welcome to be one of my gorgeous fans :))))
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