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Basically, I think I’m a positive and life-affirming person. In my mind, everybody can reach nearly every goal, in case he/she really believes in it. You just need a great portion of staying power, motivation, and enthusiasm - and I think, I do fulfill these “requirements”. At least till now, I was able to turn most of my dreams into reality - and some are still waiting to become reality.

I also believe that I’m patient and relatively calm - in the past, this wasn’t necessarily the case but certain events in my life changed this behavior. Even so, sometimes I still can be very quick-tempered.

Furthermore, I think that I’m quite quick-witted - I often come up with an answer like that and moreover, I do not just sit down and take things (especially those that bother me) like that. Unfortunately, that’s not always favorable - sometimes I have the feeling that people get a wrong impression of me - the impression that I always have to have the  last word.

Apart from that, I’m curious and therefore I get relatively easy enthusiastic about certain ideas, things, etc. I also do not shrink back from challenges - on the contrary, most of the time I love to accept challenges.

Although I’m able to be spontaneous, I rather prefer to think over certain things in advance. Therefore, I sometimes have the problem of racking my brain over things, which do not occur in the end. But meanwhile, I’m working on this “problem”.

Moreover, I’m very reliable - if I promise something I’ll keep it. That’s why I can’t stand unreliable persons - if he/she is not able to hold onto things promised, then he/she should not promise anything.

So, that’s all I want to give away (and believe, it was a bit hard for me) - however, I hope you were able to get a picture of me or meet my family (in case, you don’t know me personally).
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