This is a joint account between 3 teenage girls: Lilith, Emily and Helen! We all love anime, writing, zombies, anime and vampires! Oh and we all hate Justin Bieber!  We are currently working on one main book called Formaldehyde. It's a book about a zombie apocalypse in London because Formaldehyde is the stuff they use to preserve corpses! We are all ninjas by the way! And we are all exceptionally bonkers! :D

~I'm 14 years old!
~I love anime and my favourite series is Naruto! 
~My favourite book is 'The Order Of The Phoenix' by J.K. Rowling! 
~I speak German, French, Welsh and English! 
~My favourite food is pretzels! 
~My favourite lesson is maths!
~My favourite band is Queen!

~I'm 14 years old!
~I love anime, manga and my favourite series are Naruto, Bleach, Ouran High School, Soul Eater and inu x boku SS!
~My favourite book is 'Heaven' by Christoph Marzi!
~I speak French, German, English, Welsh and a bit of Japanese!
~My favourite food is Chilli!
~My favourite lesson is Art!
~My favourite bands are Muse, MCR, Paramore, BVB etc.!

~I'm 13 years old (only for a few weeks longer)!
~I love anime and my favourite series is Ouran High School and Kiki's Delivery Service!
~I speak French, German, Welsh, English and a tiny bit of Latin!
~My favourite food is southern fried chicken!
~My favourite lesson is Art!
~My favourite bands are Muse, MCR, P!ATD, Pendulum, Paramore, MSI and Charmeleon Circuit!

This is our facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/AbnormalityWriting

Our first book should be posted soon but these are out seperate accounts:

@MyChemicalKakashi (Emily)
@Hotaru_hyuga (Lilith)
@neon_explosion (Helen)
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Description: In the end, sibling rivalry destroys us all. When an argument between Nick, Kathy and Melanie gets out of hand. Melanie decides to get revenge on her younger siblings. She creates a chemical which "accidentally" gets put in the national food and wat...

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