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This is a joint account between 3 teenage girls: Lilith, Emily and Helen! We all love anime, writing, zombies, anime and vampires! Oh and we all hate Justin Bieber!  We are currently working on one main book called Formaldehyde. It's a book about a zombie apocalypse in London because Formaldehyde is the stuff they use to preserve corpses! We are all ninjas by the way! And we are all exceptionally bonkers! :D

~I'm 14 years old!
~I love anime and my favourite series is Naruto! 
~My favourite book is 'The Order Of The Phoenix' by J.K. Rowling! 
~I speak German, French, Welsh and English! 
~My favourite food is pretzels! 
~My favourite lesson is maths!
~My favourite band is Queen!

~I'm 14 years old!
~I love anime, manga and my favourite series are Naruto, Bleach, Ouran High School, Soul Eater and inu x boku SS!
~My favourite book is 'Heaven' by Christoph Marzi!
~I speak French, German, English, Welsh and a bit of Japanese!
~My favourite food is Chilli!
~My favourite lesson is Art!
~My favourite bands are Muse, MCR, Paramore, BVB etc.!

~I'm 13 years old (only for a few weeks longer)!
~I love anime and my favourite series is Ouran High School and Kiki's Delivery Service!
~I speak French, German, Welsh, English and a tiny bit of Latin!
~My favourite food is southern fried chicken!
~My favourite lesson is Art!
~My favourite bands are Muse, MCR, P!ATD, Pendulum, Paramore, MSI and Charmeleon Circuit!

This is our facebook page!

Our first book should be posted soon but these are out seperate accounts:
 @MyChemicalKakashi (Emily) @Hotaru_hyuga (Lilith) @neon_explosion (Helen)




10 parts / 9 pages, updated Jul 12, 2012PG-13
In the end, sibling rivalry destroys us all. When an argument between Nick, Kathy and Melanie gets out of hand. Melanie decides to get revenge on her younger siblings. She cr... read more
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