aaliyah, 14 years young from london, england. seriously its not that special;P
      erm one direction are my life, i like justin bieber and the janoskians ok
      im married to jai brooks♥♥♥♥
      amina, 13 from london! im aaliyahs sister and i help write the stories:-)
      but yeah be a fan of us and we'll be a fan of you:)
      shout out to @ohwell for bringing us here on the25/07/2012
      yeah anyway i hope i like your stories and i'll vote them:)
      &we hope you like ours:D
      ♥aaliyah'BROOKS'. i wish + amina! we love you xo
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Chapter 1~ Broken Trust

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Description: "He wasn't meant to know. No-one was meant to know. I thought i could trust him, but I obviously can't. I can't face school tomorrow. I can't go." Jade looks like an ordanary girl but you don't know her story. Her family is falling apart and her mu...

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