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Hmmm, about me? As it turns out, someone told me I'm quirky. Next to than that I LOVE writing, though don't feel all that confident when I'm supposed to let someone read my work, too shy I guess. I'm getting an account here because of my friend :) (the person whom the message is for will understand it). 
   And cause this is ''About me'' section I guess I should actually let something on, well I'm tall, have eyes that change color and a long semi-blond hair that I ALWAYS keep tied in a tail. My favorite kind of books are, I guess, the ones with a couple of werewolves and some drama XD but I'll read anything if I like it.
   P.S. just because I like wolves doesn't mean I write about them, my favorite animal is, and always will be, the majestic white tiger. Oh, and I know I'm weird :D


Poetry Of Lost Dreams

Poetry Of Lost Dreams

7 parts / 2 pages, updated Oct 09, 2012
The poet's voice can only be heard when you are hurt enough to listen even to the faintest of sounds around you. If you listen carefully, you just might hear the sou... read more
176 reads votes 16 comments 3
A Fallen's Desire

A Fallen's Desire

2 pages, updated Jul 02, 2012Pictures
He was a Fallen, a traitor to his own brothers. She was a rising pupil with high hopes. One night, one kidnapping changes their lives forever. Suddenly Seraphiel and A... read more
44 reads votes 4 comments 1
Howl to the moon

Howl to the moon

10 parts / 39 pages, updated Jun 09, 2012Video
Damien has recently transferred to a new school, new town, new life. All he wants is to make it work and forget the past. And for a seventeen year old he sure has a lot he... read more
5,141 reads votes 95 comments 77
The diary

The diary

3 parts / 9 pages, updated Jun 09, 2012
Christopher had just witnessed a horrible car crash in which an entire family was killed. Like that was not enough he finds a diary of someone who was inside of that car. At fir... read more
2,296 reads votes 89 comments 45

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I finally caught up with this story, and my feelings are a mixed bunch... I'm mildly happy Michael might man up and break his little angel promise...
The Ghosts

@erinjoygarcia24 he he :P not quite, unfortunately. As a matter of fact, I'm not even from an English speaking area XD Still in Europe though XD
One Last Chance

@binkers8a we'll try to make it a lot faster this time :P
Deaths Calling

@binkers8a he he he this isn't even half of the book, silly :P all the main twists are not even introduced yet! :D
A Fallen's Desire

@SCCourtney Jeesh, you're a meanie :P
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