Hey, my name is Mike and im 16 years old. 

Description maybe?:

Hair color: Dirty blond (brown almost?)

Eye color: Hazel

Height: 6'0

Realized i don't need a description anymore, since that's me in the display picture :) 

Uhm, I'm a guy, not afraid to admit i like to dance :) Woman should be treated with respect, what can I say it was how I was raised. Every girl is beautiful, and mhm... what else? YOLO. 

Also love inspirational speeches xP I probably wont be posting any stories, but I will be reading yours!! :D

I think that girls who can be themselves are fucking hawwtt :O 

And people, im really nice, so PM me some time, so we can chat.

I'm single and loving it. Got out of a relationship recently. 

Uhm.... Anything else? Nahh, not really. 

If you want me to read your story post on my message board! Off to go find some interesting stories!! ^_^

My background is a picture I drew of my younger sister, Jasmine <3
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