Hello People Of Wattpad
My names Alex but people call me Kitty
I'm 12
I'm shy
I'm gay
I'm single
I'm unloveable
I love Anime/Manga
I've been threw more then most think
I barely sleep always had a hard time with that
I love to read and write poetry
I like to sing but I'm not very good
I really love photography capture the good moments set the bad ones on fire :)
I love fire it's just I love it
I don't cuss but I don't really care if you do
I go to a catholic school
I'm not the best speller
I hate people that pick on someone who can't defend themselves
People who pick on orthers  are just insecure
I have white hair and blue eyes it's weird
I'm not lazy just selectively inactive
I have one brother and three step siblings two girls one boy
I have a bad relationship with my parents 
I'm much more mature then a usually 12 year old at least people say that
I hate pie just thought I'd throw that in there I'm a cake lover
I have tried to kill myself before never agian catching up on all my homework sucked
I really don't know what else to say so bye bye.

 @Shmehxie_Penguin The most awesome person in the whole intire world don't you dare hurt him or I'll send my unicorn after you his my watty daddy!

 @agirlnamedevan My orther watty daddy I love him lots and tons and even made a unicorn named after him though the unicorn turned out to be err fluffy!
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