The names Ellie. :3 But people feel cool enough to call me EllieBear. 
      :D I'm 15 years young and I totally rock....At everything! xD
      I'm clumsy, epic, slow, mentally blonde, hilarious, and MUCH MORE. I also enjoy writing. A lot C:. I write all types of stories: Horror, Paranormal, BoyxBoy, GirlxGirl, BrotherxSister, BrotherxBrother, SisterxSister, Romance, Mystery AND SO ON! x3
      Theres not much to put here :3 So Imma end it here. Oh AND BTW: Im obsessed with Anime c:.
      If I ever write "Ellie Bear thinks you're awesome C':" On your wall thingy...then you better believe it. :D 
      K. Byes (:
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    .....Totally not in your closet :3...
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