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I wish I could bake a cake made with raisbows and smiles and we could all eat it and be happy


This Heart

This Heart

3 parts / 3 pages, updated Jun 15, 2013
Kendal Rench didn't expect to to move to Ireland with her Dad. She didn't expect to make friends there. She totally didn't expect getting a guy to have a crush on her either. W... read more
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Your story is so sad...but i love it!!! No lie when I read your story I switch back and forth between 2 songs. "Don't you remeber" and "Make you...
One Mate and a Rejection

can u plz just just for me update like 20 chapters pretty lease. Just Kidding! Lovin it!!! Update more!
Meet Your Match

This is an amazing story. I personaly love it. Everyday I come on hoping to see you updated it. When you don't I get all sad :( Please don't...
Meet Your Match