Hi! I'm Zenalth, or Zen, whichever you prefer to call me.

I know, I know, it is kinda weird for a name, isn't it?

'Zenalth' was my fish's name (it just sounded cool), and I recall its bright orange colour and the big white splotch on its back. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

One of the most memorable event happened after a few months we bought the goldfish; Zenalth tried to commit suicide by leaping out of the fishbowl, and landed on the floor with a rather loud 'plop'. I remember freezing in shock when I saw it twisting and flapping on the floor desperately. I did the most sensible thing a nine-year-old would do in that situation; I called for my mother.

The house went wild, and my brother got blamed for 'messing up with the poor thing'.

Unfortunately, with all the fussing around, the fish was dead when we put it back into the water.

I remember crying for hours and mourning the loss of a precious pet... But of course, it didn't last long - I was back into bugging my mother to death after a few days.

Okay... Enough of the fish-talk.

- My favourite genre: I am a lover of fantasy books - preferably medieval stuff
- My favourite TV show(s): Thunderbirds, Avatar The Last Airbender, Teen Titans (my brother got me into this one), Kim Possible, The Batman, Young Justice... etc. etc... (I love cartoons)
- My favourite food: pasta and ice-cream
- My hobby: playing flute or drawing (please note, I'm not a good flute player - I just like the sound it makes)
- My favourite movie: well... I don't watch movies that often... but the most memorable one was Kung Fu Panda 2. I know, I know... my brain's at least five years younger than my actual age...
- I have a deviantART account, and my name is the same: Zenalth. If anyone's in deviantART, please tell me

EDIT: I've somehow moved from writing to reading - I think it's because I actually can't write to save my life, only I've just realised it.

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