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~HIYA! I'm Zeanna :) People call me Ze for short, but only do it if you DARE!

~I like to read & LOVE to write. 

~Ask me to read something and i will :D

~IF you are a girl, talk to me all you want!

~IF you are a boy. Please don't even bother. My heart is set and i love him with everything inside of me. William Eric Ryan Muse is my absolute everything and i can't and won't live without him. <3 People may call us young and stupid, but we are engaged to be married the day of my 18th birthday :3

~i am in the band & i play clarinet, tenor saxophone & i am about to learn the oboe & french horn. Made honor band, on the clarinet, 3 years now :3

~I speak the truth & ONLY the truth. Well DUH, Username :). I HATE liars, cheaters, idiots, and people who brag!

~If you ever need advise, II am the person who will always be here & not judge you. I'm here if anyone needs an honest, outside opinion. 

~Favorite Quote Ever!! : One that looks so strong, So delicate.

~I know pain. I know hurt. & i know suffering. You are not alone. There is somebody out there to love you, it will take a lot more suffering to find them, but i promise they will be worth it. IF it's real love. IT will be worth it. I should know of all people because to get the person i cannot live without i had to go through HELL!

~Sorry, I had to get all mushy at LEAST one time  :D

~Go fan this girl right here---------> @bunnycap12 She is FUNNY & my little cousin ;D 

~Also, you better go fan this awesome girly right here-------> @Its_Ghetto_Mojo_Sir. She a fantastic writer and is a good listener. 

 @IwriteYOUread is an amazing person! Shes funny & a person that will be there to help and support you! ADD HER!

~ All in all, I am a girl just trying to get my stories and poems out in the open. For the people who read them , i would like you to be completely honest. I want feedback because i want to get better.!!!



Sleepless Night

Sleepless Night

1 page, updated Dec 29, 2012
15 reads votes 0 comments 1
Never Letting Go

Never Letting Go

8 parts / 7 pages, updated Dec 17, 2012PG
Your average love story is about two kids, fall in love, happy ever after.This is no ordinary love story. In Never Letting Go, a young girl, Mercie, falls hard for an ove... read more
193 reads votes 11 comments 22
If I Died Today

If I Died Today

1 page, updated Jun 20, 2012GCompleted
Sending love your way... if i died today <3
30 reads votes 2 comments 4
Kill me

Kill me

1 page, updated May 30, 2012PGCompleted
Please... Just kill me
49 reads votes 6 comments 4


1 page, updated May 30, 2012GCompleted
Not my best, but it is meaningful <3
12 reads votes 1 comments 2
Have You Ever?

Have You Ever?

1 page, updated May 23, 2012Completed
Have you ever hurt? Read, and i bet i can relate.
27 reads votes 4 comments 4


1 page, updated May 23, 2012PG-13Completed
Hate someone who done you wrong? Tired of them? So am i.
84 reads votes 5 comments 2
Killing with Silence

Killing with Silence

1 page, updated May 22, 2012Completed
Kill me with your silence baby...
27 reads votes 2 comments 1
Keep On Hurting Her

Keep On Hurting Her

1 page, updated May 19, 2012Completed
This is a poem about pain, and how one person can only take so much.
25 reads votes 1 comments 1
The Perfect Moment Always Ends Too Quickly

The Perfect Moment Always Ends Too Quickly

1 page, updated May 05, 2012PGCompleted
When Eric wants to porpose to his Pandora, things don;t always work out as planned
64 reads votes 3 comments 3

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That is so sweet & sad all at the same time :D I love it.
I Need You

Short, Sweet, Simple, True

This is truly moving to me. I know people who do this... i live with them. I really like your work :)
A Drink To Forget

I like this alot :) Maybe you'd like one of mine call Kill Me... It seems like yours & my Writing could be similar :D