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♥Love At First Sight - The Beginning [FF, AU]
The Missing Girl [O]
My Bella [FF, AU, AH]
Edward and Bella Plus 6 [FF]

My Love [S*, FF, AU, AH]
Meam Familiam Amo [S*, FF]
A Second Chance [FF, AU, AH]
Aozora [FF, AU, AH]
The Tragic Tale of Dawn Diggory [FF, AU]
Those Green Eyes [FF, AU, AH]
The Story of Gabriella Cullen [O]
♥Love At First Sight - Forever [S*, FF, AU]
Greatest Mistake [O]
Fragile [O]
Kordrew [FF]
The Worst War [FF, AU, AH]

FF- Fanfiction
FF, AU- Fanfiction, alternative universe
O-  Original story
S*- Sequel
FF, AU, AH- Fanfiction, alternative universe, all human
SS- Summer Story
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The point is-
you can't demand updates when the writer's health is low. 
Last time I updated while sick, I killed characters out of anger for my headache. 
Whether it's a compliment or not doesn't matter because the writer will update a story when they want and not when everyone else wants it. 
Can't have a good story if the writer doesn't want to write it. :/