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I think this is the second time I changed my bio :/ ......... 

There isn't really much for me to say on here. I enjoy writing, I like playing all types of sports, I sound boring on here. Meh. I PROMISE I'M ACTUALLY MORE EXCITING IN REAL LIFE.

MKAY bye.

(This is a horrible bio)

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When she said sort of, I was drinking water and I laughed into my glass
Falling For The CEO (Editing)

My Boss' Son

I read this story in about 3 days! It was amazing and I loved every part of it! :D
Have a Little Hope

I've been reading your books for a while and they just get better and better (though I do skip the smutty parts half the time...)
A Kiss on the Cheek (akotw ...

@MLE1997 who cares, you're having more fun than them! ^.^