"Never forget that you are the protagonist of your own story

and the antagonist of someone else’s!

And a possible love interest in some other peoples!"

If it sounds like writing, rewrite it.

Everything you do is research. Washing the dishes, going to a party, watching Adventure Time--research. 

Make as many mistakes as you can. Your characters will thank you.

Break every rule of writing.

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Description: Annie was never one to obsess over a guy. Then she saw one put a gun to his head. After seventeen-year-old Annie Cooper stops a Yale student's suicide attempt, she thinks her life will be filled with sunshine and rainbows from good karma. Instead...

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YuffieProductions commented on Time Distortion - Help me out

Thanks for all the ideas! (I am reading them, fyi, just no time to properly reply to each individual one.) 

Past tense is way more natural to me to read and write. Present tense sounds so awkward to me, and I've only read two stories in present tense where it sounded natural enough for me to not even notice it was written in present tense. You have to be really good at it to pull it off. 

Also, you need to write it in first person (third person present tense sounds AWFUL in every instance I've seen it. It would take a really special writer and situation for it to work). First person requires an extremely strong and distinct narrative voice, otherwise it sounds amateur. Hisashi just doesn't have that kind of voice, which is why I wrote this in third person rather than first. First person is suited to narrators like Toby from How to Pay the Rent, who have a distinct speaking style with expressions that can only be said in first person. 

I do agree that present tense, when written well, does make the story feel more urgent and in-the-moment, but you have to take the narrative voice into consideration as well when picking the tense and pov.
Guys, it's @Mo 's 10-year anniversary of her novel Lifeblood. Go wish her happy birthday!

It's Guardian's 10-year, too!!!!

CLEON, KAIRI, AND JOREN ARE OFFICIALLY 10 YEARS OLD THIS YEAR. WOOO! *PARTY HARD* Actually Cleon is older. Not sure exactly when I thought him up, but I was definitely in elementary school. I was just a wee little Yuff. :) 

If anyone read Skyhold of the Guardians, I'm changing Kagero into Kagera, so both Guardians will be female. :) So for those who were wondering, yes, there have definitely been same-sex Guardian pairs. In fact, you only get male-female pairs like Cleon and Kairi about 1/3 of the time.