Hellooooo !
My name is Neicy.
I like writing and reading and I'm a Tumblr junkie. 
I hope you enjooy my stories! = ))) 
Don't forget to #BeHappy = ))
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Description: As the daughter of Germany's most notorious mobsters, Victoria Dietrich, was never allowed to ask questions. Her parents had secrets. Secrets that they never wanted their daughter to get involved in. But when their house is attacked and her paren...

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Why must he do that to me? It's not fair ! I don't want to fall for Dorian! I hate him ! I've hated him...

Hey y'all! So I started a new story and I'm super excited about it!! It's quite different from Imperfection, but I've decided to venture out and try something new! If you like action, you'll like this new story. I would love it if you guys check it out anyway though :*
Hey guys, if I started another story alongside imperfection would you read it? Just curious :). New chapter for imperfection will be out soon
SURPRISE IM NOT DEAD!!!! Hey guys! I'm so so so terribly sorry for my disappearance. Life has been pretty hectic for me for the past couple of months and I was struggling for a while. I just wanna say Thank You to everyone who has filled my inbox with check up messages and I'm terribly sorry for not replying to any. Honestly, this is my first time logging onto wattpad in a long time. I debated with myself whether I should finish my story or not, and I decided to finish it. Mostly because I have the best most caring followers ever and you guys honestly deserve better than me. sO THIS IS MY RESURRECTION!!! Expect a chapter from me i the next couple of days :) I love you all!! <3 <3 <3 <3