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About us? We're gonna work on that

Sean~ I'm 20. Sean Stratsford is my name. I have brown hair, Green Eyes. I'm British/Irish. I love music.

Red~ I'm Red Richardson. I'm a drop out from college.i don't like hugs. I'm 19. British

Isaac~ I'm Isaac DeLa Vega :) I'm half Filipino Half American :)) I'm.. idk what to say o.o I'm 18 :))

Nate~ I'm 20. 3/4 Irish 1/4 British. i like food. i'm heart broken yet again. i like to drink too
btw, I'm Nate Westwood

Gabe~ I'm Gabe Lee. Half Korean Half Brit. I grew up in Britain. where exactly? i won't tell. so yeah, don't bother asking any Korean things with me, coz i definitely can't answer

Zack~ Zack Johnson.I'm British/Irish/Filipino I'm turning 18 on November 25 :) I'm bisexual ( 95% girls. 5 % guys. i dig girls more)

Augustus~ I'm Augustus Richardson. Red's brother. let's see.. I'm 20 years old. i like blue very much lol ( @Richy_Rich -Separate account)

Troy~ I'm Troy. Sean's cousin. I'm Half British 1/4 American 1/4 Filipino. My lolo hates me. (If you know what a Lolo is, PM me) i have a separate account

@Blackmage9 - Bestfriends :)

@Smile_B_Happy @JSedrano -sister so don't mess with them

@dancingbluesky is Lance's Lil sis and Henry's Aoi

@StopLookListen Henry's twin lol

@foodfightwith_niall @LarrysBaby_1D r close friends

@XxWhyWouldYouCarexX Diana's Sean's daughter. Hurt her in anyway possible and you've got a 1st class ticket in the train to hell. She's also Nate's bestfriend. Nate's Marshall Lee and she's Marceline ^___^

@RandomBastards Cool Peepz. (Sure enough, Dallas will win "Most Douchey" award lol)

@arianaxo the most sweet lass we have ever met :)

@crystal16 She's a nice girl. Hurt her Isaac will shove a bottle to ur butthole and Red will kill u
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