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As more and more people are doing this, I must add that if you come on MY message board and talk crap to me, I will report you for harassment. I am tired of all this stuff going on. This is your first and ONLY warning. 

My name's Morgan and I hope you don't like it. 

I am an honest commenter. I tell the truth, no matter how harsh. 
If you have an issue with that, leave me a message and let the world know that you can't handle one little comment :]

Songs I recommend: 


And yes, my picture is of Okami.

Mirrored Circus is my baby <3


Mirrored Circus

Mirrored Circus

2 parts / 4 pages, updated Jun 23, 2012PG-13VideoPictures
The Mirrored Circus is the hottest night club, run by demons and only accessible through mirrors. But when disaster strikes, how can a world without lies be shown the truth?
599 reads votes 30 comments 42
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Oooh first comment XD Awesome as always :D You leave us in suspense!
Lips Sealed

@Kissmyoops3 I'm trying to get my thoughts into words, its hard XD But I'm trying!
Mirrored Circus

I like the vast variety of characters. Your detail is good, but maybe add a tad more? You know what they look, sound, act like, ect, but we don't...
Southern Belle