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You want to know bout me?? 

 I LOVE The Hunger Games like you have know idea!! First series of books I've ever read :P I've read some of the CHERUB books, there also pretty awesome! I :P Lots happens in them, you should read them :DD My Fav read of all time has to be TFIOS it's so beautiful, funny and sad! So well written! I can't wait till the summer as I have so many books lined up! <-- I have a page on Facebook to do with the hunger games! Please help us by liking! :D We're doing pretty well and going for 100 likes!! :P

~ Animals are my life <3 ~
I have 3 gorgeous cats: Paddy, Stanlie and Beau (Stanlies' a girl :L )

My legend of a dog, Harry sadly passed away. He was there for me since I was born and its just not the same without him!!! RIP I love you boy!! :'( <3

Our 6 little guinea piggies :3 Spooky, Lacy, Annie, Chips, Marshmallow and Oreo!! 

We adopted a dog from Romania, she was living on the streets next to a busy main road at risk of being killed everyday, some sick people think its funny to run them over as their seen and treated as vermin. Some lovely people fed her scraps of food everyday which has kept her going through her life. She is two years old and has been rescued by a group called K-9 angels.

My other dog Maggie is a little legend, but my god She's annoying. ;)

I also got a Hamster for my 16th, She's called Bear and hdgrsaervncssuzskwsx she's sooo cute!! :3


I'm pretty in love with dinosaurs, shame there extinct :L
well life goes on... :D

I work in small chapters because I'm a perfectionist but impatient :L

I will update all my story's soon but I'm working mainly on The Asylum at the mo :3 xxx

[o.O]    <- Square bunny:B
(u u)o <CUTE!! X


The Asylum

The Asylum

8 parts / 5 pages, updated Jan 25, 2013PG-13
I have wrote a long intro about 6 times but i keep accidentally deleting it. So, this is my best book I've ever wrote, so if its bad... O.o Im bad at English okay!!! :L Just rea... read more
2,975 reads votes 127 comments 32
The hunger games- Start of a new terror {fan fic.}

The hunger games- Start of a new terror {fan fic.}

6 parts / 6 pages, updated Aug 28, 2012PG-13
This a fan fiction based on the AMAZING novel, The Hunger Games! This story is about a girl who is selected to go into the first ever hunger... read more
153 reads votes 19 comments 3
Ignore Jacob, this is what would really happen if zombies attacked!

Ignore Jacob, this is what would really happen if zombies attacked!

9 parts / 8 pages, updated Aug 27, 2012PG-13PicturesCompleted
I made this story really just to wind up my mates ;) Tigrisangel has the best version of the story, shes making a sequel :DD I'm just going to kill everyone off so i can finish mine quickly ;D Enjoy :DD
460 reads votes 22 comments 15
The walking dead- Sophia {fan fiction}

The walking dead- Sophia {fan fiction}

2 parts / 1 page, updated Jun 11, 2012PG
This story is based on one of the series of the walking dead, where sophia, a twelve year old girl goes missing in the woods after being chased by walk... read more
721 reads votes 14 comments 1
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This is written by someone who clearly just wants to rip on the hunger games!!! WHY SHE NO WITH PITA????? :O
The Humping Games

Sorry like I said, I work in short chapters :L
The Asylum

Once again, only a short chapter... I work at my best that way :) x
The Asylum

Thanks :D Working on the next chapter now!! :D
The Asylum

Thanks! I want to go over it making sure it makes sense and add to it first before I update it :) Aww really you guys like it! I feel special :3 xx
The Asylum