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I think Blue and Purple are great colours I love writing and reading and im 15 
I have a weird Obsession with 90's music =3 I know right but its true =) 
Muslim And Proud PS Don't Hate Its Ugly -_-
I'm VERY sarcastic,Always smiling 
Cody Simpson <3
Peanut Butter <3
Justin Bieber <3 Definitely am a Dedicated Belieber 
Doctor Who <3 Definitely a Dedicated  Whoivan

MY favorite books
Twilight saga,House of night series,Jumping to conclusions,True blood,Hush Hush series,Perfect Chemistry trilogy, Finding sky-Stealing Phoenix- Seeking Crystal (even though I haven't read it yet.)
I LOVE watching Outnumbered, Modern Family, No Ordinary Family, The Simpsons and EastEnders 

█ 10% Stupid
 ██ 20% Evil
 ███ 30% Mean
 ████ 40% Insane
 █████ 50% Funny
 ██████ 60% Music
 ███████ 70% Smart
 ████████ 80% Hyper
 █████████ 90% Sugar
 ██████████ 100% Random
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Description: Colbie's past is something never to be re-told. She's got a new life for herself with the help of her adopted family, but something has always been off in her ever since her fifteenth birthday the day she had felt the most horrible pain in her life...

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Forever Yours (On Hold)

Forever Yours (On Hold)

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Jade West is like every other teenage werewolf girl, she'd has always dreamt of her sixteenth birthday...

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