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Lets see uh ok so im hispanic i have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes (they are changing tho =D) Im GOTH or EMO hmmm nope IM BOTH!!! i used to cut myself but thats all over. im really dedicated to the things i love.i have many dreams and goals that i am going to fullfill (hopefully) and i love to read,write,music and art!!(they are my passion!) i am born here in the us and im a really nice person im into alot of stuff and im currently working on stories poems etc. i really love doing the things that are my passion!!! i will post them soon as possible! im really random too =)!!!  I love music and anything technological...basically just technology. I love walks and runs and nature especially lakes rivers,etc. I LOVE anything supernatural or strange. i believe in Isis the goddess of all vampires and witches. I dislike snobs and love friends. If you'd like to know anything about me please ask id be happy to answer. :D
Music is my passion
Writing is a hobby
And Love Is Just Me!

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The Silent Thoughts Of A Nobody by:XxxBlack_RosexxX

The Silent Thoughts Of A Nobody by:XxxBlack_RosexxX

8 parts / 1 page, updated Sep 09, 2012G
This is for my poems and poems only. i will write down all of my poems that i wrote,and i will write in here...i would love some feedback votes etc on this thanks =)
212 reads votes 16 comments 1
The Mystic Rose

The Mystic Rose

4 parts / 8 pages, updated Aug 17, 2012GPictures
Rose Marell, she's like every other girl or so she thought. Then one day her and her bestfriends decided to throw a party for her birthday and invite everyone they knew. n... read more
146 reads votes 4 comments 7
The Regretted Decision (Completed)

The Regretted Decision (Completed)

2 pages, updated May 11, 2012GCompleted
its a short story of Niki's Regretted Decision. (ths is just like a preview if its good then ill make story out of this.)
28 reads votes 1 comments 0
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please update soon!! :) xoxo its really good!
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@TheRedUmbrellaGirl Thank you :) ok ill try and make it much more interesting thank you for your input!! ill work on it some more!! :3
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@TripleM1211 Thank you!! and ill try to fix them but my computer loves messing with me lol
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