Hi, my name is Katie.
I live in London! :)
I have too MANY books to say which one is my favourite.
A hobby of mine is building things, BUT not houses or anything like that, just shelves and stuff like that ... because it gives me something to do! :D

And I'm sorry that I have really bad writers block as most of you know! :)
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The Madness series: Lone Butterfly

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Description: “Listen you annoying little brat, you’re in trouble—” “Okay, I get it, but if you’re going to come into my personal space could you at least brush your teeth? I think I could smell your breath all the way from the other side of the room...

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Entwined (BoyxBoy) (Sample)

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The Madness series: Insane

The Madness series: Insane

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The Blind Girl and the Alpha {ON HOLD}

The Blind Girl and the Alpha {ON HOLD}

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Stolen By Storm

Stolen By Storm

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