☆    ☆     ♪    ♫       ♪      ♫     ☆      ☆      ☆
      ★&&I Bite!&&☆
              ☆&&Take me or leave me either way I'm still going to be Me!!&&☆
      ★&&I ♥ My Rugrats&&☆
              ☆&&Never doubt my ~~Awesomeness~~  ;))&&★
      ★ &&I will make you think... Did she really just say that! Yes I Did&&☆ 
              ☆&&I ♥ dirty minds&&★
       ★&&Be Fuckin Awesome&&☆                      
               ☆&&I am completely random&&★
      ★&&I snort when I laugh too hard&&☆
                ☆If you read this you are Fucking Awesome!!★
      ★&&I read alot && Comment && Vote☆
             !!>>Do Not Post links to your stories on my message board .. If you want to ask me to read please do so in private message.<<!!   !!>>Will not do read for read or any of that crap.. I want you to read my writing because you want to<<!!
      ★☆Well that's bout all the randomness I have right now...  'Nuff said.... Ta-Ta  MY lovies!!!★☆
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