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Name Blue
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Hi. You can call me blue. It's my favorite color. I'm weird and happy to admit it. I like combat boots, spikes and colored hair. 

I'm alternative: emo punk goth scene indie. I don't like labels. I prefer punk music. 

I'm the girl who is rarely invited to parties. The one who sits at the back of the class and doodles in notebooks. 

Welcome to the world where being yourself isn't good enough.

If you ever want to talk about something, talk to me. Who will I tell? No one, promise. I'm not close enough to people anyway. 

But do keep this in mind, I am not afraid to say what I think.

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Oh and I voted by the way! :D
The Nerd, She's a Street Racer

Your such an amazing writer! I wish I could actually write a book. I've tried but it's never really good. I hope you update soon, but you know I...
The Nerd, She's a Street Racer

Really good.
Boy Meets Boy

I love you too!
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