Ello Loves :)

My name is Jen! 
I am 5'2 and 19
I Love Music!!!
Im into Rock,metal,heavy metal, and punk.
my most favorite bands are Metallica,sleeping with sirens and pierce the veil etc.
Im a MEGA nerd lol
Im taken by isaac<3
I like lord of the rings i can watch it all day everyday. I like harry potter too!!!
i conceder myself a hobbit o.o
i love making new friends so if you guys wanna talk hit me up.
my favorite lyric is "If You cant hang baby theres the door"
as in cheat on me and get the f out!!! lmao
i dislike cheaters and bullies.
i have my own account called @JenniMonster Fan me i fan back
-xoxo Jen

yo im joanna
im 19
I LOVE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!
my favorite bands are
-pierce the veil
-sleeping with sirens
-a day to remeber
- the word alive and etc
my favorite lryic is "I'd rather die for what i believe then live a life without meaning" by the word alive xD
i love action movies!!!!!!!
i like to make new friends xD
i have my own account called @joannajones11
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