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Name Lillie Hernandez
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Here it goes:
Favorite Music:All Time Low, Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce the Veil, Panic!At The Disco, Of Mice&Men, Bring Me The Horizon for the most part, too many others to list.  

my favorite things:
Music,  Colors, fire, candy, movies, music, hoodies, triangles, TFIOS, odd numbers, Spencer Reid, Cotton Eye Joe, Tall Boys, Tumblr, Nerdfighters, Ice Breakers Duo FTW, Harry Potter, Pixar,  I think that about covers it. 

things i don't like as much:
slutty girls, people in denial, overconfidence, underconfidence, styrofoam, glass,milk, sweet potatoes, flowers, brown (cant stand it), homophobia, my grandma, even numbers, most churches, orange juice, milk, Disney Channel 2013-4, fake things, the tale of despereaux,  my aunts, Joel Olsteen, My uncles, try-hards, lies, sweat, Florida, sleeping beauty, chlorinated water, Bootleg jeans, Eggs, and so MANY OTHER THINGS.

Random Facts:
-Im Dominican
-I hate the taste of alcohol
-My hair will be blue. Very Soon. 
-Im straightly curious
-My Anxiety=Sweaty hands and paranoia.
-I like making lists
-My family is way messed up
-JFK is my fave president
-Toasty Winter> Summer Humidity
-<3 Reading, drawing and Writing
-Spelling Bee Winner
-Hank Green=Awesometastic
-I want to move to Baltimore and become neighbors with Alex.  
-ADHD, but I somehow manage to keep it shut most of the time.
-My family knows almost zilch about me.
-And I'm 6' (if only I had a nickel every time someone told me...)
-TFIOS=Me sobbing at 5am
-I support legalizing love, whether it be bxb, gxg, or bxg. 
-Hopefully I get a degree in Cinematography. 

Now get off my page, you weirdo.


Valentines Day Poem

Valentines Day Poem

1 page, updated Apr 20, 2012G
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Story Ideas. Tell me If I should Finish them.

Story Ideas. Tell me If I should Finish them.

7 parts / 5 pages, updated Nov 23, 2011G
Ok, so, I'm kind of self concious when it comes to my writing, so pretty please tell me if i should finish them by commenting on my page or sending me a private message. Thanks for your time, Lillie.
367 reads votes 4 comments 8
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Wings of a Dragonfly
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im reading this in bible class, where were talking about sex and the irony in this is amazing
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im literally reading this in bible class....
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