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Goal -> Fan Wattpaders as Much as I Can !! x) 
And ofcourse to achieve my dream to becoming a known writer here. :P

                                STOP RIGHT THERE !!
IF you're a hater...What The F*ck are you doing checking my Profile?!
You Better Get Out or Else my Insane Ninja Skills will attack you =-=
Get Out of my Profile if you're just here to leave rude comments =-=
                               -Mica xoxo

Fan me and I will Fan back as Much as I can ! :)
iLoveAllMyFans and I think everyone can write ! ^-^

Check out my stories and the one I'm Curently writing 'A Big Fat Nerd' 
If you like it, Make sure to Vote !!!! ;)

I get Inspired by Good Feedback And Votes. :) 
And ofcourse I get inspired by the Beautiful Stories everyone else's makes ! ^-^

Oh! And I Love Cookies, Batman, Superman, Random Stuff, Internet, Having Fun, Hanging Out, Writing, Exploring, Saying Random Stuff in the most inconvenient time, Music, Dancing and Suprisingly Sometimes Going to school ^-^ AND Dogs !!! :D etc. etc. xP

~Dancing is my Life and Music is my Soul~

I'm the Cookie Monster by the way. =-=

Did you know that Umbrellas are evil?! O-O
Well they are =-= One time, One time I was Holding an Umbrella and I pressed the little sorta button thingy on the handle and it wen all BOOM! Then it poked me in the eye =.0
So don't trust Umbrellas that often, Kay? They're not that innocent as they look. =-=

Batman is my Favorite !! ^-^ 
Superman is My second favorite !! 

Oh, and I Loove Purple !! :D
It's my Favorite color ever ! ^-^ Light Blue is my Second Favorite Color !! :)

I Love Making New Friends and Connecting with my Fans! 
So PM me anytime !! :DD

Well enough of my Stupydiness (If thats even a word)

Thank you for taking your time on reading my Random Description x)

Make sure to VOTE, COMMENT AND FAN !!!!!! :D


A Big Fat Nerd

A Big Fat Nerd

4 parts / 8 pages, updated Aug 12, 2012
Elizabeth Rocks. A 200 pound girl. She gets called fat, ugly, hippo, cow and more rude names you could think of. She's also a Nerd too. Straight A's all the way! So just th... read more
9,350 reads votes 89 comments 31
Roomates to Dance Partners...?

Roomates to Dance Partners...?

6 parts / 12 pages, updated Jun 28, 2012
Clarity Jhonson is a Cheerleader in her school the head cheerleader actually, but dont worry she's not one of those b*tchy Head Cheerleaders. She had a Perfect ... read more
3,268 reads votes 72 comments 19
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@FayeDelaCruz no prob. ^^
A Big Fat Nerd

@FayeDelaCruz Umm... I don't know really. Maybe when he meets Lane and starts working out :)
A Big Fat Nerd

@Tayla001I will :)
A Big Fat Nerd

@Tayla001 thank you for the comment and I will upload soon :)
A Big Fat Nerd

Awesome Chapter! ;)) Hope you upload soon! :D
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